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Modem CDMA Router

The Global System for Mobile Communications Service is the most widely adopted, digital cellular technology in use today. CDMA uses code division techniques (CDMA) to optimize the call carrying capacity of a wireless network. CDMA also provides a number of carefully standardized and broadly supported capabilities.

2.5G mobile communication technology (CDMA 1x) has become widely used of industrials and utilities in recent years and many customers are seeking reliable, flexible and cost-effective data channel to build their information system. Many applications such as ATM, POS, SCADA and surveillance system will require data channels covered all country; this brings a bright future for CDMA 1x data networks applications.Requirements towards information system are varied because of different features of numerous industrial applications. Mobile telecom service providers are required to provide industrial application solutions not only meeting common specifications and also individual special ones.

Modem untuk Aplikasi



Network Power
TIA/EIA-95B, CDMA2000 1X
Band class 0:800MHz
Band class 1:(USPCS 1900MHz)
DC 5V?25V
Interface Dimension
Antenna: 50? SMA female interface
Serial Port: DB9 (RS232/RS485/ TTL option) 1200~115200bps
SIM slot: 1.8V/3V
Dimension: 75*50/72*16mm
Weight: 200g

Dimension: 72*46*14.5mm
weight: 100g

Environment Electromagnetic Compatible
Working?-30 ~ 60?
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD): 3 class
Radiated, radio-frequency, electromagnetic field immunity test: 3 class
Shell Firmware
Steel shell: good electromagnetic shield and , heat radiate performance Support Firmware update for better quality




Module Interface
M13Z311 GPRS Modem ZTE MC8331A RS-232(DB9)
M13Z811 GPRS Modem ZTE MG415+ RS-232(DB9)
M13H211 GPRS Modem Huawei CM320 RS-232(DB9)
M13H311 GPRS Modem Huawei CM300 RS-232(DB9)

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